‘The DevOps Handbook’ Cheat Sheet

Trev de Vroome
2 min readApr 5, 2020

When coaching, one of the most useful tools I find is cheat sheets and infographics that I can print and distribute around the office to help reinforce the areas we’re working on.

One of my favourites is the ‘Clean Code Cheat Sheet’ that Urs Enzler created a number of years ago summarising the book of the same name. I’ve wanted a similar tool for the ‘The DevOps Handbook’¹ but couldn’t find one — so what better opportunity to make my own ‘Cheat Sheet’ to share.

Introducing the ‘The DevOps Handbook Cheat Sheet’

My cheat sheet is available to share and distribute via the link below:


What does it contain?

It is two A3 pages guiding teams and businesses on how best to interpret the learnings of Kim, Humble, Debois, and Willis into some key actionable behaviours and practices that a business needed to consider when moving towards the DevOps model.

It should not be considered a replacement for reading the book — so if you enjoy what you’re reading and want to know more, I strongly recommend you pick up the book from your preferred book store: eg. Amazon | Book Depository

Preview of page 1 of ‘The DevOps Handbook Cheat Sheet’
Preview of page 2 of ‘The DevOps Handbook Cheat Sheet’


  1. Kim. G, Humble. J, Debois. P, Willis. J (2016), The DevOps Handbook, It Revolution Press



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