Something Digital Conference Brisbane 2019 — What I learned?

How everything you know about artificial intelligence is about to change — Tim Hwang

The barriers for entry for AI are getting lower — with it faster to implement using AIaaS, requiring less skill, and even having cheaper and specific hardware available to increase the speed and reduce the cost of training.

Some of the many Neural Network structures

How to fly with Dragons: Amplifying your storytelling through emerging tech — Christina Lee Storm

There are no rules in the VR/AR space — with the industry “trying to create the VR/AR language”

Dreamworks VR/AR experience to celebrate the release of “How to Train Your Dragon 3”

The keys to unlocking real digital transformation — Dan Fischer

Alignment & cascade of internal vision is key for driving successful digital transformation.

  1. Make sure you have buy-in & belief from the top
  2. Train your organization — Design & implement new capability & culture
  3. Invest in capability that allows you to be truly customer-centric
  4. Nurture true innovation. Solve problems across parts of the customer journey.

(You need) direction from leadership, but belief in people to get things done

You need to get everyone involved in vision setting to get true buy-in.

Improving urban life by putting people first — Matthew Tobin, Melissa Wiscicki, and Sarah Leach

Technology isn’t the answer, it’s a tool — if the tech isn’t engaging & doesn’t make our life better, it fails

The goal for us as innovators is to...

Change the behaviour that technology is driving

Examining the future of work around digital, technology and innovation — Rachel Khoo, Luke Abercrombie, and Brett Wiskar.

We’re no longer in a world where we maximise corporate value by putting junior people on junior work.

Unconditioned people with fresh context are invaluable

Graduates can be given more complex tasks, at a lower cost, and we can afford them to fail, learn, and perform slower. In doing so they will improve quickly.

Keep learning valuable things & stay curious

The future of work is about skills that allow adaptation and utility

The internet is broken — Surveillance capitalism is in — Berit Anderson

For all the benefits we receive in our connected world, the risk of misuse and abuse keeps growing in lock-step.

What the internet giveth, it taketh away

Steps to minimize the impact of misuse of your data:

  1. Send your kids outside
  2. Become Costa Rica (Climate focused)
  3. A creative commons system for personal data
  4. Support tech workers organising for change
  5. Create a law that creates quarterly self-interest
  6. Don’t give in to authoritarian creep

Trust. The next tech horizon — Davey Gibian

We need to move from Cybersecurity to Cybertrust
  1. (2015) Data became the most important asset to companies
  2. (2019) Data is being weaponised

We are pushing towards the autonomous edge without considering the risk

We don’t currently have the right tools — not just cybersecurity tools, but those for society and industry.

We need to move from cybersecurity to cybertrust

Our approach to building trusted AI needs to be:

  1. Use it for good
  2. Combat the bag
  3. Don’t be naive
  4. Find the human delta
Think about data as an output first

Everyone needs to consider the direct human element

We need explainability — to understand how the classification is made, and if it is made on sound reasoning.



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