Book Summary: Jobs To Be Done — Theory to Practice

Trev de Vroome
13 min readNov 25, 2020

Jobs To Be Done — Theory to Practice

by Anthony W. Ulwick

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Resonating Message

Innovation shouldn’t be seen as a process relying on guesswork and lucky ideas — through the Jobs-to-be-Done mindset and Outcome-Driven Innovation, a business can apply objectivity, fact, and targeted strategy to greatly increase their chances of successful innovation and improved business outcomes.

Chapter Summary

  1. Why Do Innovation Projects Fail?
    Innovation often fails due to either the approach or the execution of the method selected. The “ideas-first” approach is inherently flawed and should be avoided, whereas the “needs-first” approach is often treated as art over science. To be successful, we need to use a structured approach to “needs-first” innovation.
  2. Jobs-to-be-Done Needs Framework
    Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) provides a mechanism for understanding your customer needs in a language that identifies the core outcome or need for that customer — enabling you to identify innovative solutions to address those needs and jobs.
  3. The Jobs-to-be-Done Growth Strategy Matrix
    Once we understand our target customer and segment, we must now identify the…



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