Book Summary: INSPIRED

Trev de Vroome
18 min readFeb 6, 2022

INSPIRED — How to create tech products customers love

by Marty Cagan

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Resonating Message

To enable successful product managers and organisations, you need to build both a culture of strong product discovery & innovation and a culture of strong customer-centric execution. This will ensure you find the right problems to solve, ideate and find viable and innovative ways to solve them, and then deliver those ensuring they achieve tangible, validated, and delightful customer outcomes.

Parts in one sentence

  1. Lessons from Top Tech Companies
    The difference between most companies and the top tech companies is a collaborative team with a ruthless focus on the customer and their problems — working in tight cycles to discover, validate, and then deliver valuable outcomes to customers faster than their competitors.
  2. The Right People
    To create an effective product organisation, you need to create cross-functional teams of missionaries driven towards a common vision — creating small teams of engineering, design, and product who are empowered, autonomous, and collaborative in the pursuit of valuable customer-driven outcomes.
  3. The Right Product
    To provide the right…



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